Saturday, April 30, 2011

BIG news and HUGE news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, the big news...
I'm designing a logo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am using some fonts I don't have commercial licenses for, and designs I saw all over the internet and fashioning myself a brand spanky new LOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It, of course is going to be FAB to the MAX and will be colorful and cutielicious!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm doing it myself in photoshop of course.

Then, the HUGE news....
*deep breathe*
I have a new enemy.  I have been HOARIBLY betrayed, and my fans need to know about it.  My EX-bffl Red (her real name is Ruby) is opening her own photography business.  She asked her husband for a Rebel for her birthday on the 27th and he got it for her, so now she's copying me. 

I just can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Her session fee is $5 and includes a disk of all images but she doesn't have Photoshop so she doesn't edit them so she sucks.  She doesn't know about Photobucket or Picknick's free editing and I'm TOTES not telling her!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm so glad I'm wearing waterproof mascera because I am SoOoOoOoOoOoO fustrated I could just cry.  She's even trying to out cute me with the name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Her business name is.......... are you ready for it???????

Bubbly Rainbows and Dimple Cheeks Photography

Hubseybunches just got home with a pint of B&Js and a romcom.  When I'm done sobbing I'll write more. 

Please leave me overly cutesy and outrageous compliments in the comments so I don't die of heartbrake.
 E/> Jane


  1. Well, I know about Picknick now! Kind of immature, EX-bffl, dissing me on your blog. Why don't you take it to Facebook like real professionals do? And, I know you think I'm stealing your locations and poses. All I have to say to that may have selected it, but I perfected it. Boo-yah! Good luck staying skinny with that pint of B&Js!

  2. This is your BBF and I have GIMP so I'm WINNNNNNNNNNNNING!

  3. Mmmkay, so I KNOW Red's blogger name and neither of you are it. So let's get off the cray-cray train and stop being fakers, kay??????? Weerdos.

  4. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    *giant frowny face*

    BUT!!!!! Maybe NOW your husband will understand why you need a new camera!!! You have to keep up with Ruby and the only way to set yourself apart from the competition is with better toys. I mean tools.

    And a good logo. But you're on that!

  5. Oh wow Jane, I'm so sorry... =/ This woman, by the mere act of attempting to copy another person's style and EVEN THEIR CAMERA!?! has made me lose most of my remaining faith in humanity.

    On the upside, at least she wants to be you!

    Let's just hope she isn't a psycho killer who wants to wear your skin and write an awesome blog!


  6. LETS CALL HER BIG RED! That'll show her!

  7. Don't let them haterz get you down, giiiirll!! Keep doing your thang!! Let the haterz be your motivaterz!!!!!

  8. ew ew ew ew ew... sorry to hear about that but omg, ewwwww!!!! not cool. not cool at all. this is totally a case of she sucks, you rule. done and done.
    just wanted to show some bloggity love!
    happy monday!

  9. Guess what tomorrow is!!?!?!?? Tutorial Tuesday.. Can't wait to see the AWSUMNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. both of you need to show some professionalism and stop this this is stupid,,,

  11. For a real logo, you have to have lots of swirls and stuff. Maybe a few pumpkins under a rainbow too!

  12. Well, you shouldn't worry about the ex-bffl. You're making 5 times as much as she is! She's going to need 500 customers to afford the new Canon 5D MII.
    You'll be driving around a new SUV and she'll be on her Schwinn!

  13. Anonymous said...
    both of you need to show some professionalism and stop this this is stupid,,,

    May 2, 2011 9:59 PM

    Somebody is BOOOORRRRRIIINNNGGGGG with no sense of humor.

  14. Jane is the mostest profeshunell phototographer out there and how DARE you say otherwise!!!

    Also, what kind of IDIOT puts three commas in a row???

  15. I was reading your blog and it is so much fun!

    I would like to say that anyone that tells you Canon Rebel is not a good enough camera is a (in words much like yours) Doopy Head. Blurry back ground is easy, and often a picture quality is not in the camera but the lens. Please Don't go waste globs of money on a Mark II (not that its a bad camera) but I think you have much to learn before going there. :)

  16. oh my goodness this is a joke right??

    Look up : Joe McNally, Sarah Wilkes, Sean Flanigan, Thomas Kettner...

    That is photography...That is art!

  17. so funny-so are the dummies who think you are serious. Thank you, just made my day!

  18. OMGzies, i'm so glad i have on waterproof mascara b/c i'm laughing so hard i'm crying over your blog. just found ur link on YNAP and "totes" kmsl. thanks!!!

  19. Well I just check her blog, she has NOTHING... So don't worry, she is no as professional as you are

  20. Instead of big red... HOW BOUT FIRE CROTCH?

    Yes, this is Kimmy again.

  21. p.s.s.s.s. Canon 7D is my hero... (even my 50D is my 2nd hero) just sayin..

    yeah, kimmie again...

  22. This blog is s3riously hilarious.


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