Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm so selfless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, before I start telling you about what a perfect and totes amazing person I am, I have to warn you. Blogger is like totally having a bad week or something and its STILL not letting me change the size or color of my pretty words, so you'll have to deal with this boaring black, okay???????????? I'm sorry, I hope they fix it soon *frownyface*

I feel so warm and loveydoodles inside. I just saved my friend a FORCHIN!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you the story about me being selfless and awesome.........

My friend J was going to get her X-mas card piccies done by this super duper famous photog in our town because J just had a baby and she wanted really good piccies. She was having the consultation early this morning so I told her I'd come to make sure the photog is totes on the up && up and not a scammer or anything. So we hopped in my Pearl Escalade and got our venti largo mocha choca latte extra foam skim caramel whip macchiatoccinos in the drive thru Starbys and went to the consultation. She ordered the "all you can click" package which had the CD of the whole shoot and she was paying (total with all the "taxes" and "fees" and whatever)


So after Js consultation I got the photogs card and called her later. Obvi I told the lady "No way, hosay, because I'm a pro photog too." and I canceled Js appointment. I told the photog about my new 5d and my Photoshop C5 and I told her I'd give my friend the full CD of a whole entire photo shoot for $5 for her (since she's one of my besties for life). The scammer "pro" kept saying "are you sure?" because I guess she's booked until next summer or something but whatever, I dont know why peeps would even want her that badly if she charges so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thats the story of me helping people and being so selfless and charitable like I am. I mean J will probably be able afford to go touch up her roots now that she doesn't have to pay all that money for piccies (and she totes for real needs a root touch up too, I mean who lets their roots even show-- EEW. Her baby is a few days old now, enough lazying around, kwim?????????)

I can't wait to tell J about the charitable gift I'm going to give her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E> J

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I think you guys forgott about me *frownyface*

I like posted and nobody commented. Not won person. I'm like "what's wrong with me???????" I went to Fiji for a week or too and now nobody loves me???????? Are you all just jellie of my adorbz tan?????? Or my new 5d that I got???????

WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Where did all the peeps that love me go?????????? Are you all vacationing in the Carribean?????????? WHAT??????????????

Oh and now Blogger isn't letting me make my text all pretty so I like can't even make it in the middle or big and pink to show just how sirius I am.

My life.

Is over.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My new Hero E> E> E>

Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm back from my trip to FIJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know you totes missed me for reals.  But I have some important news for you.  I have a new hero.  There name is

C n C Moments

Why are they my hero???????????  Cuz they totes followed my advise and used "placeholders" on their webbysight!!!!!!!!  Here, let me show you.

See, so like on there sight (under blog, && u hafta scroll down a bunches) is a picture of this cutsie pootsie wittle bebeh with a super adorbs multicolored hat.  And I was like WAITASEC, JANE!!!!!!  Where have you seen this piccie before?!?!?!?!  And then I was like "oh yah, doy, I saw it on Jodie Otte's webbysight!!!!! (page 2)

So I took screenshots (since people who use placeholders usually delete them rel fast)  and posted them on her facey (  but she deleted me as a friend and removed my comment :(  *SUUUUUPER FROWNY FACE*

So anyways, I had to blog about her because like, it's TOTES awesomesauce to have peeps follow youre lead and take after you.

LOVE 4EVA, CNC MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E> JaneyJane, youre mentor

P.s. PLEEEEEZ repost this so peeps can see what an innovater I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh yeah, and what a great thief photographer CNC moments is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So like I think I'm going to sell prints on Etsy because my style is so unique and artistic.  I think peeps will love to have piccies of the little boys and girls I shoot up on there wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do u think?!?!?!?!?!?!
E> jm

Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting redy

I just wanted you all to know, I'm not ignoring you, I'm getting redy for the vacation to fiji that I'm going on.  I didn't earn it or anything, I just get it because I'm cuter, richer and better than all of you that work hard for your vacations.  I'm leving at the end of the week, but it takes me awile to pack everything into my matching louis vitton trunks and suitcases.  I'll be back next Friday and I'll 4 sur post piccies for you to drool over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pity smile*

E>  J

Thursday, June 2, 2011

If your wondering why I'm not posting..............

It's because I've like run out of ideas :(((((((

I've been stocking other bloggies to see if they have any ideas I can steal borrow.  But they keep using big words and I get confused and go back to cute kitten videos. 

Okay, like, here's a question.  Why do peeps get mad at you for being better then them????????????  Red is being a total brattybrat and plus the one photog's facey that I've been borrowing from?????? She's like all mad at me two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All I wanna do is show people that I can do the same piccies as her but better, but she's like "stop posting pix in the same spot as me two days later" and "that farm land is MY PROPERTY, get off"  and "stop running the same specials as I post" and all that.  Whatevs. 

I'm sOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO not caring.  Besides, I'm totes going on vacation next week to fiji because this biz stuff is major stressage. 

Sorry to be such a frowny fran lately, but biz is HaAaAaAaAaArD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just don't know what to do. 

E/> Janeywaney