Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm so selfless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, before I start telling you about what a perfect and totes amazing person I am, I have to warn you. Blogger is like totally having a bad week or something and its STILL not letting me change the size or color of my pretty words, so you'll have to deal with this boaring black, okay???????????? I'm sorry, I hope they fix it soon *frownyface*

I feel so warm and loveydoodles inside. I just saved my friend a FORCHIN!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you the story about me being selfless and awesome.........

My friend J was going to get her X-mas card piccies done by this super duper famous photog in our town because J just had a baby and she wanted really good piccies. She was having the consultation early this morning so I told her I'd come to make sure the photog is totes on the up && up and not a scammer or anything. So we hopped in my Pearl Escalade and got our venti largo mocha choca latte extra foam skim caramel whip macchiatoccinos in the drive thru Starbys and went to the consultation. She ordered the "all you can click" package which had the CD of the whole shoot and she was paying (total with all the "taxes" and "fees" and whatever)


So after Js consultation I got the photogs card and called her later. Obvi I told the lady "No way, hosay, because I'm a pro photog too." and I canceled Js appointment. I told the photog about my new 5d and my Photoshop C5 and I told her I'd give my friend the full CD of a whole entire photo shoot for $5 for her (since she's one of my besties for life). The scammer "pro" kept saying "are you sure?" because I guess she's booked until next summer or something but whatever, I dont know why peeps would even want her that badly if she charges so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thats the story of me helping people and being so selfless and charitable like I am. I mean J will probably be able afford to go touch up her roots now that she doesn't have to pay all that money for piccies (and she totes for real needs a root touch up too, I mean who lets their roots even show-- EEW. Her baby is a few days old now, enough lazying around, kwim?????????)

I can't wait to tell J about the charitable gift I'm going to give her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E> J

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