About ME

Hi, I'm Jane Momtographer.
How I got started:  I used to take pictures of my kids on my iPhone and my family on Facey would say "YOUR SO GOOD!!!!!!" so I saved up all the money from returning my husband's awful birthday gifts (Dooney & Bourke Purse really???  Is it 2004 or something??? Coach ONLY please!!!)  and bought a Canon Rebel.  After I learned my camera (you know, how to turn it on, and how to take the lense cap off without flinging it across the room) I started up my BIZ!!!!

Important stuff you should know about me:  
Have you ever....
[x] Watched a movie you regretted paying $8 or more for?
[ ] Dipped a pig in butter and rode him/her around a playground?
[x] Bought a car?
[ ] Smoked a cigarette?  Like, EEW.
[ ] Smoked the marijuana?
[x] Smoked your enemies and made them wish you were never born?
[x] Flown in an airplane?
[ ] Piloted an airplane?
[ ] Played PokéMon?  Nerd much????
[x] Enjoyed playing a team sport?
[x] Drank too much alcohol?  It was my birthday though, so it was totes okay.
[x] Drank Coke Zero?
[x] Enjoyed Coke Zero?  Like I'm going to let my hot bod go to waste for a coke? 
[ ] Burst through a wall or closed door; Kool-Aid style?  Isn't Kool-Aid that rapper that just died?  So sad *frownyface*
[x] Shaken your groove thing?
[ ] Tamed a real live dragon?
[ ] Lost a Lego brick in the carpet?
[x] Gotten a tattoo?
[ ] Gone camping?  I walked into my friend's cousin's mobile house once, does that count?  I couldn't sit on the firniture though, I almost barfed at the poorness.
[x] Talked to an ex?
[ ] Driven a garbage truck?
[ ] Seen Wierd Al in concert?
[ ] Gone to a concert that wasn't Wierd Al, but wished that it was?
[ ] Marched in a marching band?
[ ] Seen a cryptozoological creature that you couldn't identify?  A what?????
[ ] Had to go look up the word cryptozoological  Looked where???
[ ] Gone to Cedar Point?
[x] Owned a cat?
[x] Worn a scarf?
[ ] Gotten pantsed?
[ ] Hated a player just for playing?
[x] Worshipped the Lord?
[ ] Worshipped the Lord of the Rings?
[x] Worn a ring?

My Bee-day is 1/1/1985, I was the reason the mid 80's rocked so hard.  My fave color is pink.  My fave shoe is Louboutins.  My fave singer is Ke$ha. 

When people ask me more questions they want to know, I'll ad them here!!!!!!