Thursday, April 14, 2011

My first tutorial!!!!!!

Holy wowzers you guys, I am SoOoOoOoOo flattened by all of your sweetness!!!!!!  You have been practicly BEGGING for me to teach you my bomb skills, so here's my first tutorial!!!!!!!

How to do my FAVE editing technique:  Selective color.  With super cute instructions!!!!

Step 1, Honeybun:  go to photobucket and upload your piccie
Step 2, cutiepoo: click Edit
Step 3, chickadee: click Color Splash
Step 4, totes adorbs: color in the thing you want in color.

A few tips:  
E>  The more dead looking the skin is the better.  NEVER color in something relevant to the pic itself. 
E>  Color in things like loud shirts, an unimportant background element and or there shoes. 
E>  It's TOTES hard to get the edges perfect, so I always color a little bit outside the edges to make sure I got it all.
E>  When selective coloring the eyes, I ALWAYS add a layer of color that's completely RIDIC and would never ever be a realistic eye color.  It really makes the imige POP!

OKEYDOKEYARTICHOKEY, wowzers that teaching stuff REALLY makes you feel good inside!!!!  I feel like I just cured AIDS or something.  My heart is so puffylove and overflowing!!!!!!!  I hope the rainbow didn't offend anyone.  I love the gays, they are like TOTES the most fashion forward, so I love to support them by putting cutieppumpkin rainbows up places.

I had a few fan males I wanted to address:

Anonymous said:
You should totally print at home! There is nothing I love more than seeing a faded print hanging on my wall 6 months after I've printed it. It makes it feel very old fashioned and like my family has been established for a very, very long time. 

A, you are TOTES right!!!!!!!  I can't tell you how much I LoOoOoOoOoVe vintage!!!!!!  I think I'm gonna offer this as a option to my clients.  But only the super adorbs ones that will rock the vintage look.  If you can't handle the style I won't offer it.   Another part of my quality servise!!!!!!

Anonymous also said: you 12? Really your Spelling, photos and the way you even present your self is HORRABLE! Get a real job and Leave the Photos to a REAL photographer. 

Anonymous, I don't get you.  You help me, then you insult me????  Whats up, buttercup?????  As much as I love misspelled accusations of misspelling AND randomly capitalized letters, I just don't understand where we went wrong????  I was gonna invite you to my mani-pedi-margi-party for being my biggest fan and leaving me the most comments. *frownyface*  Ok, here's Dr. Cutieumpkins perscripshin:  go take a handful of bi-polar meds and drink three cosmos, watch SATC the movie and give me a call, kay?  We can still be e-besties.  Oh and also, I already said I'm 26 yesterday AND in my about me.  I'm not 12.  It is NOT 1997 right now because that was just NOT a good year for fashion for me.  Straight bob gone all wrong, hairdo DISASTER.  Bad mems.

Thanks for all youre nice comments everyone!!!!!  And be sure to check out my NEW about ME section AND my Facey!!!!

Love and Cutie Pumpkins,


  1. Oh my word! I can't tell you how much time this tutorial is going to save me. I was going about it all wrong!!! Before, I was going in to Photoshop, applying a B&W gradient map, using a layer's mask, painting in relevant areas to bring in the color, adjusting levels, toning down the color...

    Who am I kidding? I'm lying. I wasn't even doing selective color because some misguided souls told me it was tacky and rarely a good choice to make when editing. Thank you for setting me straight! And now you've shared a super duper easy way to do this. You are the bomb diggity! Looking forward to future tutorials. :)

  2. Oh! I thought of something else. Please, please, please write a tutorial on making eyes pop!

  3. Drew, I pirited a copy of Photoshop last night and once it finishes, I will learn how to do eye pops and TOTES post a tut on it, thanks SO MUCH for the idea!!!!!! You can come to my mani-pedi-margi-party if you want too for being so helpful!!!!!

  4. Lyke, O.M.G, that's right, All Cap's OMG! You are lyke, uhmaaaaaziiing! I <3 your "Running away, an art peice!" Ur stuff should totes hang in a gallery.....Totes.

    I <3 U and I <3 ur art! U R N inperation to every1!!!!!

  5. ur love is totely my dRuG! Nd srlysly the kidz at shoots that I shot make me want to hv my own
    mani-pedi-margi-party. Whatz n nspiRashen U. R. my drug. keepz on rockin' it...Nd I 2nd that eye totes tut!

  6. this site is so offensive to photographers that have worked their asses off to learn photography and the SKILL of photography. Shooting in AUTO and having a mid-level camera does not make you a photographer.

    You are cheating any and all of your potential clients with that kind of work and it will probably be less than stellar photography. You're an insult to the industry and I hope you will do yourself a favor and go take some classes. LEARN this art--- get a mentor.

    I wish you nothing but luck, but sincerely hope you take the time to acquire your skill.

  7. OMG... how is it possible that some people still think this site is serious... people it's a joke... don't you have a sense of humor? don't take yourself so seriously you might get an ulcer...

    And yes, I am directing this to all of those "anonymous" out there that keep on repeating themselves, you guys sound like a broken record! again... have a little laugh it's good for your soul!

  8. Oh, this is my new favorite blog to come laugh at. Thank you for it :)


  10. The best thing about these comments are the people that think it is real!! LMAO

  11. U no I luv the annonmus ones.
    They think that ur not really a pro?
    Can't they see that u are by your logo?
    Oh and the tutorials are so amazing. Keep up the tutorials cuz I can use the help. You should start to do work shops!
    Love you! I will be your new best-ie!
    Xoxo muah! (heart)

  12. Perhaps a class in spelling and how to be a real photographer would help. This tutorial is horrid to say the least. My grandkids could do better.
    LMAO yup having a logo makes you a real pro doesnt it? So does having a disposable camera?
    Yes please do workshops so everyone kows what NOT to do

  13. Hey Janie Poo - This girl's, oops I mean professional photographer's website is the BOMB! You can get a lot of ideas from her work.

    If you go to the wedding part, you can see how "Love is a Fairytail". SOOOOOOOO COOLIO!

    Keep up the awesomeness


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