Monday, April 25, 2011

Somebody told me

Somebody told me that a Cannon Rebel isn't a good camera for a pro.  And I looked all over at these different photography forums and they said it to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!  THIS is why I can't get the blurry stuff in the backround of my piccies!!!!!!!!!!!  My camera isn't the best one!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I was thinking about Nikon and Cannon and which ones the best and I realized that I want a Cannon because it sounds big and scary and like what is a Nikon anyways it's like not even a word??????  So I want a Cannon something or other.  But want to know something exteremely horrifying???????  I think you'll need to sit down for this because this is like worse than world hunger, crying puppies and terrorism COMBINED.

Hubberloveykins gave me a PRICE LIMIT!!!!!!
 Can you BELIEVE that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  I haven't stopped crying since like the moment he said it.  I gave him LOTSA snuggles and he still has the nerve to do this too me??????????  I just like don't know what I did wrong!!!!!!!!!!!  I think he may be getting divorced on me or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

So like now I don't know what I'm going to do.  How am I supposto get the best pictures without a big, expensive camera that will do it for me?????????????

I am just. 
to die.


  1. you crack me up! you can still get the blurry background just shake your camera or take it from further away, hahahahaha

  2. No *frowny face* !!!!!!! Hubberkins will come around - just pull a lysistrata on him!!!!!! Besides EVERYONE knows the important thing to get the blurry background is using a slow shutter speed!!!!!!

  3. to get a blurry background, make sure an eathquake is happening... and your client and you have to be VERY STILL

  4. Dump him! If he can't do simple math you don't need him! All you need to do is 100 sessions at $25 each for the sessions and discs of 345 fully edited files for each shoot and you'd have a Cannon 5D MKII paid for!

  5. Dave, youre optimisticness turns my frownyface upsiedown. :( --- :| --- :) 100 shoots to go!!!!!!!!!!! I can do it!!!!!!!!

  6. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! He can't do that to you! You have to totes snuggle him until his eyeballs pops the hezzack out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he'll give you everything you want for the rest of your life cause he's a secret billionaire like in that one show and his farts will smell like Chanel No. 5!!!!!!

  7. im certain its because you are spelling Canon WRONG.... and the Rebel has NOTHING to do with the 'bokeh' it is the lens and your f/stop setting. i cant xprain it good enough - so just google the sheit out of depth of field, bokeh, and, a good lens - like a nice Sigma 50MM or a Nice 70-200 L (another 2 nice ones are 85MM and the 100MM Macro) all Canon cept' for the Sigma. (just sayin) and im not sure if you are just kiddin or not. I just found your blog and im 1/2 laughing, 1/2 confused. :) and my helmet is in the shop so I cant bang my head on the wall just yet.


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