Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Tutorial-- Sepia

Hi guys!!!!!!!  I think it's like a super lucky day because everyone keeps saying there having a good friday and you know what?  I for sure agree!  It IS a good friday!!!!!!!!!!  I just figured out how to do sepia (pronounced suh-PEE-ah for those who aren't awesome pros like me) and I hafta say, sepia is like one of the like PRO-est things you can do to your pix.  It turns them brown instead of black and white, so they look all old fashioney.



There is nothing other than turd colored pictures of your baby that screams "talent" and "class".  NOTHING.

So hears how you do it!!!!!!!  This is for Photoshop C5.  It's kinda hard so try to keep up.

1.  Open your pic
2.  Go under the Image thingy up top on the toolbardoodle
3.  Go down to adjustments and click it
4.  Click on the choosey menu thing and go down to sepia and click it
5.  Make sure the density slideydoohickey is at 100%
6.  Make sure "perserve luminoty" is NOT clicked.  If it is, your pic will be really bright and not old looking.

Here's a pic of my Son, Breklyn with his gorge smile!

BEFORE-  Colors.  Lame.

AFTER- Sepoopia!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMSAUCE!!!!!!!!!

It for realsies brings out his eyes.  FRAMING IT!!!!!!!!!!  Okay I lied, I'll be adding a super dense black vinyet then I'll be framing it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and Pumpkins!!!!!!!! 
E>  Jane

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