Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can I borrow your piccies??????

I need to steal borrow some of your images to pass off as mine use as "placeholders" in some upcoming blog posts!!!!!!!!!!  I can't use my own beautiful images because then people will steal them because they're so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few little tidbits.........
1.  PLEASE be sure they're as adorbz as my images.  See my portfolio for examples of my talent.  I KNOW, I KNOW, you're thinking "but Jane, I'm not NEARLY as amazing as you!!!!!!!!!!!"  It's okay.  Just try to find piccies that come close.

2.  I won't be giving credit.  No watermarks please.  And I totally will be editing them with my mad skillz.  If you watermark them, how can I pretend their mine use them on my website without confuzing peeps?  Rite????????

3.  Send your images (jpeg only) to gigglesandcutiepumpkins {at} gmail {dot} com  and include a note if you wanna!!!!!!! The more you flatten me and inflate my ego, the more likely I'll use your piccie!!!!!!!!!!! *giggles*

ummmmmmm I think thats like totally everything?



  1. Fantasmic! I'm like, totally getting some sent to you but I don't think they'll be even close to your amazballs! Seriously, I hope one day to be as awesome as you. Do you have a Groupon deal going on yet?!

  2. i really don't understand, why you have to use placeholders. thisn is YOUR blog. people want to see YOUR pictures. i never ever put "placeholders" on my portfolio, cause i want to show MY work. not the work of others...

  3. I honestly can't believe people still think this is for real. How have we continued as a species thus far?

  4. oh my-it just keeps getting better!

  5. Whatev. I use placeholders on my blog all the time and those pics are the ones ppl think are the most awesome! Great advertising.


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