Thursday, April 21, 2011

What happened today

Today I went to the park, it has lots and lots of flowers, and I like shooting there, so I brought my client who had a totes adorbs cutiepumpkin baby girl, and we started taking piccies but then this other lady comes up with her camera and takes piccies and I coughed loudly which DUH means GET OUTTA HERE and she just looked at me like I was getting on her nerves, but I was TOTALLY there FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I don't know why other pros (not pros like me, but MEANIE ones) think they can just come and steal my spot to take piccies!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean I have my pix up all over the internets, and that OBVI means thats MY spot.  If this other chick comes and starts taking pix there, then everyone that sees her sight is going to think she's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is TOTES trying to rip off my style you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's not even the worst of it you guys, are you ready for this?????????? 

Her kid
was wearing
a pink

I mean SIRIOUSLY???????????  I almost aksed her if her name was Jane too.  Could she try harder to be me?????????  So if you see anyone else with pix of a kid in a pink tutu, with flowers in the background, you should tell them to stop trying to rip me off, expecially when they're charging so much money.

Also, I gave my hubbermuffin some extra snuggles last night and he said I can TOTES get another lense!!!!!!!!!!  Which one should I get????????  What's the name of the lense that gives you the blurry background??????????  I know someone said I could use goosein blur on Photoshop, but I can't find it anywhere and since I'm richer than you I can just buy the super expensive lense that does it for me because DUH, stuff that does stuff for you automatically = the bomb.

E>  Remember, Jane loves you because your all ROCKSTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. speaking of rockstars I herd Lady Gagas Judas song and I just dont get it.  She's in love with the guy that stabbed Jesus in the tummy?  That's not very nice.  Besides, wouldn't that mean the guy is like 3,000 years old????????  GRODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. i m TOTES lerning SEW much form u! THX!!! i owe u sew much. i totaly had my firs client 2day n it was AWSOME! i used ur selectiv color advise. yah, i cant find that blur thing niether.


  2. Why, that's the nifty fifty, of course. 1.8 if you're poor...1.4 if you're middle class, and 1.2 if you're filthy rich. I think I know which one you'll choose!

  3. Which one means I'm the richest???????? I don't know what those numbers mean. 1.8 is probably the best because 18 is bigger then 12 RIGHT?!?!?!?!

  4. Zowiee it must be tot tough to be a pros!!!!!!

  5. oh wow..... are you serious? I can't even read half of your blog... how old are you? And you use Auto?? Hard to believe you haven't been published yet. smh

  6. DUUUUUDDDE. The 50mm is TOTES for beginners, not a really awesome pro like U! You want the 135. You don't even have to get close to the little smelly brats - I mean TOTES ADORBS KIDDOS - with that one!

    Kisses N <3
    ~ Stacie


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