Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Now that my download FINALLY finished, I have Photoshop C5 or whatever, and I've downloaded some super cute actions so I can learn them and repackage them as my own.  It's taking SoOoOoOoOoO LONG to learn this stuff, you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How in the heck am I supposed to balance this and my 34 shoots I have this month???????????? 

I am making some tutorials for you guys though, so I hope your EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Here's the tutorial list I have so far, leave me a cutie comment if there's more you want me to teech, I LoVe teeching so I am willing to give you everything I know and stuff.

1.  Selective coloring (CHECK!!!!!!!!)
2.  Make the eyes POP with alienlike brightness
3.  Adding a texture to mask the oopsies in the piccie
4.  Prop ideas we never get tired of seeing
5.  Turning a blurry piccie into a "soft focus" image
6.  Oversharpening to save motion blur/ out of focusness
7.  ALL THINGS SEPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!
8.  Heavy vignetting
9.  Text on your photos

What else, my lovies?!?!?!?!?!?


  1. Oh-MMM-Gee... I am totes the first comment, adorbs!!! :-* love you and all your piccies, i hope one day to be as awesomesauce as you are!!!! I am totally in lovers with you!!!! lots of air smooches and fake huggies!!!!

  2. Oh, you must do some "memory makeovers" like this totes AWESOME photog

  3. oh god and 238 people like that crap?? unreal!

  4. Oh WOWZERS! KZ ROX here!!!!!!!! You R SO ROXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O M G. I so *heart* the cutiepiepumpkins memory makeovers!!!!!!!! O M G What an awesomesauce iDeA! Thx for the shares!

  5. OMG - don't forget about converting to black and white to save bad skin tones!

  6. i don't get your humor....I mean I get what you are doing, but really not funny...

  7. Awesome? Seriously? This HAS to be a joke! I am a professional photographer myself, and must say that your work is hideous! People actually pay money for this crap? Just because you get yourself a digital camera as a birthday present, doesn't make you a professional photographer!

  8. awww, that is totes harsh.. or perhaps a little jell?

    ignore the h7's i think ur piccis r smash!!

    u go gurl!

  9. awEsOmE ..just.. so awesome i could cry.


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