Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Me Me Me Me and Me

Okay so like, I have been having this issue, and I just know the blog is the best place to talk about it.  It's personal, but I know the key to every good business blog is to put way personal, completely irrelevant information on here so my clients can get to know stuff about me that they wish they never knew.  So here goes..............

My kids have been doing these things and it makes me feel this certain way.  And also, my friend........... you know my friend is visiting, so it's making me feel all these other ways, and do these crazy things, and eat lots of sweets (but sometimes salty snacks too) and fight with my husband.  Also, I totes had a fight with my bestie over this completely unflattering issue that is unbecoming to any business person, but I wanted to share it with you anyways, and give you all kinds of gory, disgusting details.  It's SuUuUuUuUuUpEr hard having a business AND a personal life, so I'm going to let them bleed together.  Oh and, this is my REALLY controversial political opinion that I MUST share on my business blog.  It's pretty ignorant, but I feel SUPER passionate about it because all of my smartysmart friends talk about it lots, so I wanted to share it with you on here.

I'm so glad you guys, my lovingest fans, get to hear all this stuff about me!!!!!!!!!!! I know you'll keep loving me irregardless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E> J


  1. Awww, sweetiekins, go have a VentiSoyMochaFrap with extra whip, it'll totes make you feel better. You're toooo cute to have such terrible issues in your life! HuggieLoves!

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!!! Coffee give you wrinkles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I prefer a Venti nonfat peppermint hot choc light whip, DUH!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not to add to your already totes stressful day, but I think you have some competition out there...

    she's totally copying your awesome style...


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