Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HIYA everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so sorry I've been MIAzies for the past few days.  Breklyn and Chyloh have been naughty naughty little babies.  They took my Bare Esscentuals and made a big mess, and drew on the white leather in our Escalade, and ALSO they refused to wear the matchy matchy outfits I bought for them at some ridiculously overpriced childrens boutique!!!!!!!!!!!!  Terrible terrible little doodie faces they are.

So it took me till now to rite my Tutorial about.........................


Vinyets are THE bestest most ATRSYTASTIC things you can ad to your photo.  It says "I am an artist that likes my photos to fade out into a deep, black abyss of nothingness" And hear's how you do it!!!!!!!!!
Now, this one, is hard.  This is only for real real professionals because it has a bunch of steps with really scary menus that have a lot of buttons.  Okay, so lets go!!!!!!!!!!!

1.  Open your picture in Photoshop C5
2.  Go here and download the free action.
3.  Run the action and make the vinyet as dark as you can!!!!!!!!!!!


SoOoOoOoOo professional looking!!!!!!!!!!

Here's how it looks on my art piece entitled "Be careful of the floor's undryness"

BEFORE- so unpro, no vinyet.

AFTER:  Gorgeous professional piece of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOUR WELCOME my lovlies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E> Jane


  1. You should sell prints! I'd so hang this in my bathroom!

  2. It's about time someone vilified this artform. It's photography, AND it's art! Let's call it "Phart"!

  3. OhEmGee!!!! I's TOTES like an old fashuned pither frame. And you are SO SUPER SWEET for linking to the action. I cant WAIT to download it and use it on all my pitchers now!!!

  4. DAAAAAAAVE!!!!!!! I'm getting there, okay??????? I am trying to figure out how to make swirlies and pumpkins and kittens and everything cute ever and it's taking FOUR. EVER. So hold your pretty ponies, okay???????

  5. All I know is I was looking at Biggggggg Red's FB page and all her photos now have some lame rainbow and ice cream cone logo ALL over them! She stole the idea right off my blog comment for you! It's bad enough she's stocking you, now she's after all your new BFFs!

  6. hilarious-thanks for the laugh!

  7. this can'tttt be real

  8. someone if f'ing with me right. I don't think you could have found a more awful picture to use as your "example".

  9. How. Rude. This pic is ART and calling sum1's pic awful is MEAN.


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