Sunday, May 15, 2011

I ALMOST DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So like Blogger was down for like TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!  I had so much photography knowledge to share with you, and so many things to teach you and I couldn't because the website was like BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I almost died for you!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know you were trying to refresh the page over and over, CRYING because it wouldn't work.  I know you were so desperate for my cuteness, my inspiration, my fountain of knowledge pertaining to the gorge art of photography!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry I made you sadsies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please forgive me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In hopes that you'll forgive me, here's a cute picture of a sad kitten.

 Furrgive me pweez???????

E>  Jane 


  1. OH EM GEE, Jane, I am sooooooooooo glad your back! I TOTES thought I was going to die without youre dailie blog posts, like for realzies!!! I was in college studying Fine Arts, but youre blog made me realize that art skool is TOTES A WASTE OF TIME AND $$$$$$!! I could be using all that tuishin moneyz to buy the new Rebel that just came out instead of WASTEING it on photo classes that....I hope your ready for this...USE FILM CAMERAS!!! Like srsly, we are in the 21st century!!! Who uses film anymore?!?!?1 Newayz, I look forward to more of youre AWESOMESAUCE tutorials, bcuz I NEVER learned how to do those things in my COLLEGE LEVEL classes!! ***super frowny face!!!****

  2. I was totes scared something BAD had happened to you! So happy to have you back!


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