Friday, May 6, 2011

Awesomeness and useless things on my camera

Awesomeness things that happened today...........
1.  My hurr got did and I got my highlights touched up so I'm looking fandangtabbulous!!!!!!  Youll note that Im using extra punctuations because of how AbFab I'm looking!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.  Hubeykinsloveymuffinoodlebug suprized me with my Mothers Day PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That 5D that you guys said is the best camera out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There isn't Mark's sticker on it so it must have been made by a different guy, but it's still a Cannon and it's big!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It doesn't have a flash that comes on the top which stinks, I don't know why they'd take it off on the better camera, but whatevs.  Hubbers can stop sleeping in the guest house now witch is good because I was getting lonely.

That leads me on to a little bit of a rant four you..........
Why are there so many useless things on my camera?????????????

1.  The squares in the little thingy I look into.  There always getting in the way when I want to take a piccie.  Cant I like erase them or something???????

2.  I just found out when I press the picture taker button not all the way down it BEEPS??????????  WTHECK??????????  Normally I just press it all the way over and over so I get about 2,000 piccies per session, but I hesitated once and only pushed it halfway and it beeped!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think maybe its broken??????  I mean they killed Obama so I know it's not a terrorist bomb.

3.  The wheel thingy on top has sOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo many letters on it that just make your pix look terrible.  Why would you want to use anything but Automatic mode??????????  People are weerd.

Anyways, off to give my huggylovkins some snugglywugglies!!!!!!!!!

E>  Jane


  1. This is a joke, right? Your blog is a joke to make fun of people who think they're a professional photographer just because they own a professional camera........ right??
    Dear God I hope so.

  2. tHOSE buttons an stuff don't do anything. they are jest to get the haters jealous of you camera so they can go home and cry and you get to take the cuties customers they just lef standing in the park. Make sur Big Red sees it first thne her buzness is gone and you still win!!!!!

  3. Anonymous, I totes already posted on her facey that my camera has a skazillion more buttons than hers witch automatically makes me > her. I bet she cried into her tub of ben and jerries last night!!!!!!!!!! lolzies E>

  4. That beep? It's when an angel get's it's wings because your piccies are just that amazing!

  5. Hey Gillian - does being that stupid actually hurt?

  6. OMG!!!!! They killed Obama, what will we do without a president to run our state? Maybe a latin president next?

    I hurd the world's gonna end in a few days anyways so I guess it's all good!


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