Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Copycatter Red

So I totes LoVe the name one of you guys gave Red, my bffl turned enemy whose copying my business: Big Red. I'm gonna call her that because seriesly she has cankles and needs to take a spinning class STAT.

Anyways, so I posted the tut yesterday about vinyets and guess who already has 10 new piccies on her facebook ALL with vinyets just like the one I have on my art piece from yesterday????????? Her names rimes with stupid HEAD.

AND....... get this......... she went to that field with the flowers that I always use and took her clients there. I mean HELLO???????????? QUIT COPYING ME!!!!!!! She stocks my facebook all. the. time. Her hubby is bffls with mine and she told him and he told my hubbymuffin and my hubbymuffin told me that she actually eats ice cream after the kids go to bed (AND NOT THE FAT FREE KIND!!!!!!!!) and goes through all of my facey pix and writes down the locations so she can go there. She just copies everything I do!!!!!!!!!!!! When we got our White Escalade, she got a cream colored one. When I found out I was preggos with Breklyn in 2007, she got pregnant the next month. Except she had a girl first, but that was only because I wanted Breklyn to be a girl, but he was a boy instead. I used to think it was cute that she was my bffl and we had the samesies stuff, but not anymore.

Also, I lost all of my baby weight after I had Chyloh, and guess who didnt? Yeah, BIG Red. She still has a poochy belly which gives her TOTES uggo muffin top, but nobody has the heart to tell her. I HOPE YOU READ THIS, RED!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I hate copiers. They stink and I rock.

E> Jane


  1. Hi Jane! I read this on another person's photography website today and wanted to share it with you (not that you need advice!): "Newborn pictures look best when the baby is sleeping, so make sure you schedule your newborn session during the baby's naptime".

  2. Is this site a joke?

  3. Please, please, please tell me your not really a mum! Your poor kids!!


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