Thursday, May 26, 2011

I don't like this anymore

So like, Now that I've been doing tons and tons of shoots, it's taken me forever to edit them and I like never get any time to relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Someone told me to get actions for photoshop so I looked up a few of those for free ones and I got them so it made editing easier, but now people are complaining because some of them look funny.  I have to go back and edit some more and order more and like I thought I was going to be making tons of money, but now I've had to reorder so many times I've actually LOST a couple hundred dollars!!!!!!!!!!!  THIS IS TOTES NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been editing non stop for days and I'm not even getting a new Coach clutch for all this hard work??????????  I mean I didn't even get to wright Tutorial Tuesday for you guys this week AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm flailing as your teecher and for that I'm totes sorry :(((((((

I think I'm going to raise my price to $25 for the shoot that comes with a hole disk, what do you think????????????


  1. I say go for it! From reading your last posts, you are nearing what many of us pros consider complete burnout. Stop hating your new, fab job. How? Heck, charge $27.50! I mean, $25 is a nice rounded number, but $27.50 sounds like you really are taking everything into account and are super serious. Heck, and try having a cocktail while editing. It makes everyone look better anyway.

  2. I totes thought you were at $25 each already!!!! You need to keep your eye on the prize and get least $25 for the seshun or u'll never have the dogh for the 5DMkII! Maybe you can just email the filez and save the cost of the CDs!

  3. Another idea. Only fully edit your favorite 200 photos! Their little pukes aren't going to look that much different after that many, KWIM? maybe make it like 186 of them so it's like "That's all I took" and not a round number.
    Make them pay extra for prints Jane. The seshun is $25 with the (CD or email)but the prints are xtra!!!!!!!!!!! U should totes get at least 25 cents for a 4x6 which is almost 3 times ur cost and a totally fair price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. it's *whole disc. maybe you should find another job...

  5. Some of the best satire i've read in ages.

  6. Mommyographers everywhere are gonna be upset with this. If they get the joke, that is.

  7. ^ - really? That is the only spelling mistake you could find? Perhaps "editor" is not in your future.

    And Jane, don't do it. You'll just be a ripper-offer. What are you thinking? Gouger.

  8. Didn't you just say "I'm just SoOoOoOoOoOoOo sick of complainers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 2 posts ago?

    I really, really hope this is a wonderful satire site. I really, really do.

  9. What I love best about this blog is the people in the comments (like dear Anonymous above us, she whose future in proofreading is, shall we say, less than assured) who seem a wee bit lacking in humor.

    *frowny face*

    Also, I agree with Dave, dear Jane. You can charge as much as (*gasp*) $5 for an 8X10 without being a ripper-offer!

  10. "Also, I agree with Dave, dear Jane. You can charge as much as (*gasp*) $5 for an 8X10 without being a ripper-offer! "

    ..and even $6 during Christmas season!

    Great site. Thanks for the laugh


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