Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my cutie pumpkin lovey huggy muffins!!!!!!!!!

Today, my tutorial is going to be on how to make colors POP!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so here's my pic

it's really gray and blah, rite???????????

So hears what we do. This is only for people who really know how to use Photoshop C5 because it's really really hard and you hafto know where like EVERYTHING is on it.

First, make a copy of the piccie layer thingy. Go up to layer and click on duplicate layer.

Then, if you look in the bottom rite corner where it says backgorund and now it says there's another layer there. There's a little menu doohickey and it says "normal" on it. Click on that and click on overlay.

Then go up above and click on layer and go down to new adjustment layer and click on hue/saturation. Drag the slideydoo as far over to the rite as it takes before your pic looks hawt.

Here's what my after looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two awesome.  If anyone wants to use this picture in a magazine or a museym, please email me at gigglesandcutiepumpkins {at} gmail {dot} com.  I will sell you the copyrite for $1.50 because I'm not a ripper offer, member??????????????????

Also, for next week's tutorial Tuesday I'm going to need piccies of people's faces.  So please email me all the piccies of people you have at the same email address I just posted above.  Thannnnnnnks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

E>  JaneyJane


  1. So's okz. KZ ROX here. I totes am totes jellies of u. u have totes taut me way 2 much here n I feel I owe u somethin in return...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I srlsly beeliev that the nxt step is 2 start our own workshoppie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean u r way enough advanced now with your totes cannon cam. N UR given away all the info these new totes need and they are followin you bc of your awesomesauceciness...there is LOTS Of moooooocho mooooolah to be made here on your nowlege...!! plz em call me totes fast so we'z can discuzzz........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 555-500-5000

  2. OMG - that is SOOOOOO awesome. You made that piccie so muchiness better!!!! You are SOOOOOO genurus to share your nahlidge this way!!!!!

  3. I'm quitting taking picshurs. I'll never be totes covered in awesome sauce like you are. big frownie faces

  4. Seriously, you class yourself as a professional photographer... you have some problems.
    Firstly... your spelling is horrendous! "hafta" "Ripper offer" and your use of "two" is terrible. I'd learn to spell before setting up a "Professional" page.
    Secondly, if you're going to be showing people a "Tutorial" in Photoshop, i'd get the names of the settings you're using, "slideydoo" is just stupid. Seriously, did I mention you should go back to school? Get a basic education?
    Another thing, the "final" outcome of the image is terrible! Its too bright and just harsh on the eyes, seriously, no magazine with the right mind is going to publish that image.
    Go get an education in regards to Photography, and then go back to it.

  5. Person who commented about me is sippin on da HATERADE. *super frowny face!!!!!!!*

  6. Just ignore the haters. They totes DO NOT get your level of awesumness!

  7. Did you know you're being laughed at on this site?

  8. You are not only AwEsOmE but you are my hero. LMAO! This site is PRICELESS. I actually know someone with a "real" fauxtog biz whose name is almost the same as this. Wish I could post the name, but that would be cruel. UGH!

  9. My favorite part of this blog is the people in the comments who don't "get it."

  10. You know what would make this even better? Make the flower in the front a different color than all the rest!!! Yeppers, that would be the bestest!!

    I also have some so very sad news... something is verry berry wrong with your Rebel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It made the background all blurry n stuff. I can't even tell what all that stuff in the back is!

    Do they make something to fix that in Photoshopyshopshopshop? Huggies to you - I'm sorry to break the bad news. You must be devestatio'ed!

  11. Two the Anonymous with the big long essay:

    U are SOOOOO much a h8ter. (Also, kind of clueless) Jane is TOTES the most AWESOMEST.

    Spelling is for nerds or por peeople who cant afford spellcheck. Jane's RAW TALENT is so incredible she duzzent need to spell - her work stands on its own!!!! And two/to/too number/preposition/adverb - who needs to no that stuff? Sheesh.

  12. You say spelling is for people who cannot afford spellcheck? why dont you USE YOUR FUCKING SPELLCHECK?? You have absolutely no talent as a photographer and its plain as day that you wrote every single anonymous comment on this page in the same language as a 5year old pre-pre-pre pubescent girl would use....give up and go back to being a receptionist

  13. LMAO....oh this is brilliant. Carol is that you??

  14. This site is either a complete (albeit rather clever) piss-take, or we are dealing with a new form of life here :)

    Yoo gow grrl!

  15. OMG I just stumbled across this site, and took me a bit to get, but I'm totally falling in wuv wif you! (Oh good lord, did I seriously just spell it like that?) You are... how do they say...Awesomest! :lol:

  16. Jane....your AwEsOme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I need to end my day with a good laugh, I visit lamebook, regretsy, oatmeal....and hoohaaa...I found your site......just what I need to complete my bookmarks.
    I luv it....<3...<3


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