Sunday, May 29, 2011


So like I, being Red's exbffl, remember her email password (it's nkotbrox beeteedubs) and so know what I did? I got her hole email list and sent them my website and a coupy for 50% off a sesh with me.


So I'm gonna get all my clients back!

And I finally finished editing the 25 seshes I had using free actions I found online. Totes works grate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 22 seshes today and I had 14 yesterday and I'm doing a wedding tomorrow, so these actions will fershur come in handy dandy while I'm editing this week. And I told half of the complainers to shut up so I didn't haft redo their seshes either. Its been a good week!!!!!!!

I'm siked so much about my first wedding tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Can anyone say OPEN BAR?????? I normally don't drink but if its free I'm gonna get tanked!!!!!!! Let my artistry flow, kwim?

Wish me luckypoo!!!!!!!!!

E> j

P.s. Some1 thinks everyone who is anonymous is rely me commenting on my own blog. So totes hilarius rite? So you should all make a name to sign it with so they stop thinking that.


  1. are you serious lets tell clients to shut up btw you sound like a ho

  2. the idiots who don't "get this" aren't even funny anymore. They're annoying

  3. Oh, I don't agree Michelle. I think the people who don't "get it" are a source of ongoing amusement. I get the pleasure of Jane's magnificent writing and business tips AND the pleasure of their troglodyte wit all in one blog. It's a two-fer.

    *happy face*

  4. my favorite wedding tip:
    Stand right next to the preacher so you can capshur the brides and grumes faces as they say they're vows.
    I hope you charged at least $69 for the wedding shoot and CD of fully edited piccies! Yur toes worth that much now!

  5. I agree Michelle. I'm actually scared at how #1 stupid they are or #2 how they have absolutely no sense of humor.

  6. It IS a two-fer, and my new favorite blog!!

  7. Ware's the toosday tute on wensday?
    big big frownie face!

  8. I have been waiting for you to add more to your portfolio and its never updated!! Please add some more work soon! Ive shown a lot of people your blog from my fanpage so, dont have people waiting to long..... <3


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