Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday... on Wensday!!!!!!!

Sorry so much you guys, I had boat lag yesterday and was unpacking and starting at myself in the mirror so I forgot to write a tutorial for you guys!!!!!!!!!!  But here it is!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's tutorial is on......... Black and White!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, this one is easy peasy, so anyone can do it.  All you have to do is..........
1.  Open your piccie
2.  Click on Image
3.  Go down to adjustment
4.  Click on Black and White


You'll probably get some whiny, greedy "pro" telling you that's NOT how to do it.  They always tell me "Your black and white confusions lack dep and contrast.  Your skin is muddy.  There is skill involved in creating a meaningful black and white confusion."

WELL MAYBE WE DON'T WANT DEP OR SKILL (unless you're talking about Johnny Dep, we'll take two of those plz!)  MAYBE WE JUST WANT A PLAIN OLD BLACK AND WHITE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Geez.  Some people think we need to use "skill" and "knowlege" to do everything in photography.  As if being  a real pro takes any of that!!!!!!!!  Whatevs.  Obvi they know nothing, rite?

I would have given you guys an example piccie to go along with this tutorial, but none of you are sending me pix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Send me some!!!!!!!!!  I can't use piccies of my own kiddos because then you'll figure out who I am my camera will brake from their SUPER CUTIENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So send me pix at gigglesandcutiepumpkins {at} gmail {dot} com.  Any pix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, no uggos, please.


E>  Jane


  1. How COULD YOU share my BW conversion on your blog??!! Jane! I trusted you with my secrets - heck, I made you sign a confidentiality clause - and now you have told everyone. That's it. We are SO THROUGH. THREW! Do you hear me?

  2. Since your photos are looking muddy (whateva! people can't look muddy, how rude they say that) you should try Image, Adjustments, De saturate


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