Monday, July 25, 2011

Why does nobody want me anymore?

So like the reason I havent been posting is because I went from SUPES busy to NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wtheck is wrong??????????????  Is it the repression?????????  And because of it, peeps are poor now??????????? (not me of course, I just got 4 new gucci bags to match my new teeny weenie bakinis for the summer) but I for reals don't know why people aren't coming to me for piccies anymore????????????

Everyones prob in the bahamas or fiji for the summer vaycay.  That's probs it.

E> J


  1. I would totes hire you to do a shoot, since it's hard for us famus fauxtogs to do self-portrites, but yah ... the repression and IRS are totes making me poor and uggo. Luckily, I figured out the bathroom mirrer will let me take pictures of my own reflection, and the flash will add blingies to my piccies without expensive photochops or complicated stuff like that.

  2. You are so ahSUM. I just found your bloggity blog and have njoyd reeding about your profeshunnull carreer as a photogrifer. I learnt a lot frum ewe. Tunis for beeing one of the ahsum ppl!

  3. It's bcoz you use too much exclamation marks and question marks.

  4. It's because your photos are crap. My 4yr old brother would do better! LOL

  5. If your photos are like your spelling they suck.

  6. i would never hire someone who bought a camera in april and then in august is giving tutorials on how to pose a newborn. are you serious or is this the biggest pisstake to professional photographers. i find you offensive and am glad you have no work. you are an embarrassment to the real professional photographers out there

    1. Hahaha well said.
      This shit cant be real.

  7. What the fuck is wrong with you? You obviously cant be a professional if u talk like a spoiled 16 year old white brat.

    And why the hell cant you double check what u post u sound so stupid!


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